Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sexy Forum Set (NO SCRAPS!)

What you need:::

Working knowledge of PSP.
I used a tube by Simon Han.  You MUST have a license to use this art! 
The Word Art is from Elegently Wasted
Font used was amienne . I have had it for so long I do not recall where I got it from.
Sparkles of choice

Plug-in: Muras Meister: Copies

Make sure to save often!


Use a new image with a white background, I used size 600x250.  You can always resize later.
I used a gradient of black and red, 50 angle, 1 repeat, linear as the bottom layer
select all, float, defloat, new raster layer, selections, modify, selection borders 6, inside, paint black.
paste closeup as new layer.  Use muras meister, copies,star cluster, random
invert, delete, select none, move under frame
Change blend to screen
paste tube and position as desired
Use the word art. I used the gradient on the SE and Y.  On the SE, select all, float, defloat, new raster layer, selections, modify, expand 2, paint white, deselect, move under SE.  Repeat for Y.
Add sparkles if desired
Position as desired.
Add name and copyrights.  Add sparkles or elements as desired.

To create the avi...

Use the crop tool.  Size it to 150x150.  Crop to what you would like from the banner.
Copy merged, paste as a new image
select, deselect, float, defloat, selections, modify, selection border 2, new raster layer, fill in black and add noise
Add copyright and name.

Hide background, merge visible, resize if desired and save as a png. 

This tutorial was written on March 13, 2011.


  1. Thanks so much! One of my most fave sets I've made with your help!

  2. Thank you for the compliment! =D