Thursday, February 17, 2011

MidNight Dream (PTU)

What you need:::

Working knowledge of PSP.
I used a tube by Dark Yarrow at Dreamscape Imaging.  You MUST have a license to use this art!
The template used was Triple Frame 1 from Designz by lou
Mask used was Vix Mask 423
The kit is from Midnight Dream from Foxy Designz. You can purchase it from The Creativity box!
Font used was petrascript EF by fonts101

Make sure to save often!


Use your magic wand to click the inside of the middle frame.
Copy and paste paper 6 as a new layer
selections-modify-expand 4, invert, delete, select none
Move under frame layer
Duplicate layer and use the raster deform tool to angle it to fit under the first frame
repeat for the final frame
Copy and paste paper 5 as a new layer
Use Vix Mask 423, merge group and put to bottom layer
Go to the frame layer again, and use your magic wand to click the middle frame.
Copy and paste the close up.  Position as desired, invert and delete
Change blend to Luminance Legacy
Copy tube and position as desired
duplicate, adjust, gaussian blur 6, blend to overlay
dropshadow first tube layer and merge duplicate to original

Choose what you like, however, to match my tag, this is what I used (and resized)::

leaves2- 65% (dropshadow, raster deform over frame)
lantern- 55% & 80% (dropshadow)
butterfly1- 50% & 50% (dropshadow, duplicate and move)
candle2- 40% (dropshadow)
flower4- 20% & 40% (dropshadow)
flower3- 20% & 40% (dropshadow, position under flower4)

Don't forget to add your name and your copyright!  Hide background, merge visible, resize if desired and save as a png. 

This tutorial was written on February 17, 2011.

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